Toy Story 3: The Circumcised Edition

Disney and Pixar’s Facebook page have announced plans to give college students everywhere something many are already familiar with – a Woody without the climax.

The film companies are teaming to present a ‘Special Cliffhanger Edition’ of “Toy Story 3” shown around U.S. colleges throughout April. So what’s the ‘cliffhanger’? They’re making the unkindest cut of all – chopping off the film’s last act.

The presentations will screen the first 65 minutes of the gang’s newest adventure, leaving out the final 20-30 minutes of the film which you’ll have to wait and see with the theatrical release on June 23rd.

However don’t expect to rock up on campus and sit right down like that creepy old guy that always hangs around the toilets. The screenings are only open to actual students and you’ll have to bring a valid student ID in order to get in.

To find out which colleges will be playing the film, click here.