Total Recall Remake Gets Three Breasts

What was a simple throwaway sight gag featuring actress Lycia Naff in prosthetics became one of the more memorable moments of Paul Verhoeven’s utterly enjoyable 1990 sci-fi feature “Total Recall” – the triple-boobed mutant prostitute.

Now with the remake in production, many have been wondering what elements from the Verhoeven film will appear in this new adaptation of the Philip K. Dick story which we know is already foregoing some of the major elements seen in the 1990 Schwarzenegger movie.

The film’s director Len Wiseman tells Collider (via Joblo) that the three-breasted woman will appear in the film and there will be different versions of her scene – one for the PG-13 theatrical cut and one for the unrated disc version.

Wiseman also says a massive hovercraft action scene will take up 15 days of the 85 day shooting schedule and will be arguably the biggest action setpiece of the film. The classic one-liners from the previous film will appear “in different forms”. He adds that this version is a “very different take”.