Toronto Mayor Gets His Own TV Series

After becoming world famous due to the media coverage of the ‘Crack-gate’ scandal, embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his brother Doug Ford are taking to the media.

Starting Monday night, the Ford brothers are set to host their own TV talk show called “Ford Nation” on the conservative-skewing 24/7 Sun News Network which has been struggling to get subscribers.

The series will essentially be a continuation of the Ford’s top-rated radio show ‘The City’ on Newstalk 1010. That series ended its run last week. The news comes as Toronto City Council seeks to oust Ford from office with the help of the Ontario provincial government.

From admitting to smoking crack cocaine and purchasing illicit drugs while serving as mayor, to his recent use of the word ‘pussy’ during a live news press conference, the media circus surrounding Ford has yet to slow down.

Source: Sun News