Topher Grace Reflects On “Spider-Man 3” Bashing

Despite making money, there’s little doubt that the third film in Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man” trilogy was seen as a complete mess. One of the problems was the inclusion of Venom, an iconic Spidey villain that was shoehorned in at the request of the producers.

Topher Grace, who played the role, was recently asked by THR about Sam Raimi’s recent comments that the threequel didn’t turn out the way he hoped. The actor has nothing but praise for Raimi, but acknowledges there was issues:

“I know the movie did well for Sony, but I also know a lot of people weren’t happy with it. I think Sam is so talented. I remember one time I was on ninth unit. (Laughs.) Ninth unit? It’s like he’s running a small country….

This summer, there was a movie like that where people are just slamming a big studio movie. I would love to see anyone who’s slamming one of those movies try to fit in Sam Raimi’s position. He was like the president of a small country – by the way, it had the gross national income of a small country, too. I have huge respect for him. I think, on a whole, he did such a fantastic job [on that trilogy].”

Grace currently stars in the just released “Truth” about the CBS news scandal involving Dan Rather.