Topher Grace Cuts “Hobbit” Into One Film

Topher Grace Cuts Hobbit Into One Film

Former “That 70’s Show” star Topher Grace is drawing rave reviews for his work as Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke in Spike Lee’s newest film “Black KkKlansman”. It turns out though the guy also has something of a hobby – film editing.

Previously the actor managed to cut down the seven hours of the “Star Wars” prequel trilogy into a single 85-minute film. Now, speaking with Indiewire during promotion of the Lee film, he revealed he has done the same for Peter Jackson’s bloated and overindulgent “The Hobbit” prequel trilogy.

Grace took the 532 minutes of the extended cuts of all three films and whittled that down to a single film clocking in at two hours: “I don’t know what other guys do. Go fishing? For me, this is just a great way to relax. There’s something really zen about it. It’s not that I ever want to edit professionally. It’s like doing woodwork in my garage.”

Asked why he chose ‘The Hobbit,’ he says the reasons are fairly obvious: “I think that maybe ‘The Hobbit’ should’ve been one movie, and many people would agree. Money drives a lot of those franchises. It’s better when the art leads. All these franchises started from a real, genuine, artistic place. Then they made a lot of money. They say success has many fathers.”

Grace can’t profit in any way of his cut of “The Hobbit,” that would be illegal, so there’s no indication if the film will be screened for anyone at this point.