Top Gun Sequel Collapses Post-Scott

The tragic suicide of Tony Scott in late August has had an understandable consequence – the collapse of the “Top Gun” sequel.

After years in development, the project had been moving forward, and was looking to be made next year with some early location scouting done in the weeks before Scott’s death.

Now though, The New York Times has confirmed that the project has “fallen apart”. With Scott no longer around, and Cruise not likely to move forward without him, it seems further adventures with Maverick won’t be happening.

One thing we will likely see though is “Top Gun 3D”. Legend3D’s conversion of the original, which Scott contributed and responded enthusiastically to before his death, has been completed and a February 2013 release is being targeted.

In fact a one-week run exclusively on IMAX screens is also being considered, but the marketing will be tricky regarding how to do it tastefully. There’s likely money in it though, Paramount’s “Raiders of the Lost Ark” IMAX re-release took in $3 million back in September.

Source: The New York Times & The Playlist