“Top Gun 2” Gets New Scribe, Retains Start Date

A sequel to Tony Scott’s iconic 1980s action feature “Top Gun” has been in development for many years, but only recently has it picked up enough steam that it’s finally happening.

At last report, “Tron: Legacy” director Joseph Kosinski will helm the film which is going by the working title of “Top Gun: Maverick” and is slated for a July 12th 2019 release. The story is said to deal with the rivalry between the old guard of fighter pilots and the drone controllers rendering them obsolete.

Now, German film site FilmStarts via (Slashfilm) has offered a brief update on the film courtesy of producer Jerry Bruckheimer. First up, “American Hustle” screenwriter Eric Warren Singer is working on a polish of Justin Marks’ script right now before the film goes into production.

Next, Bruckheimer says he doesn’t think that Tom Cruise’s recent injury on the set of the sixth “Mission: Impossible” film will delay the start date of filming and things remain on track to begin filming in January or February next year. No change is planned to the release date at this time.