Tony Todd Up For CBS’ New “Star Trek”

Frequent “Star Trek” guest star Tony Todd is returning to the franchise, revealing during a new interview that he’s up for the upcoming small screen revival that CBS is developing for its streaming service.

Todd told the podcast MORTIS of his involvement and revealed some of the timetable for the new series which seems further off than had previously been indicated:

“CBS is doing their own series again… I’m on a very short [casting] list. It’s a year away. They’re not even going to get official cast until, probably, the fourth quarter of the year, and my only concern about it is that it’s going to be that [CBS All Access] online thing; I don’t understand that part.

I’ve never done a series regular – I’ve always avoided it because I like playing different characters – but this is one year that we’re looking at some stuff, so I’m sure that we’re going to be popping up and everybody’s going to move on on sometime very soon.”

Bryan Fuller (“Hannibal”) will serve as showrunner on the show, the first time ‘Trek’ has been back on TV since 2005.

Source: TrekCore