Tony Scott Up For “Associate”, “Hannibal”?

Action director Tony Scott (“The Taking of Pelham 123,” “Deja Vu”) is tossing up between several projects to do next now that his upcoming thriller “Unstoppable” is almost wrapped.

First on the list is an adaptation of the most recent John Grisham novel thriller “The Associate” reports The L.A. Times.

William Monahan wrote the script, Shia LaBeouf is starring and Lorenzo Di Bonaventura is producing for Paramount Pictures. Scott himself is said to be “a step away” from signing onboard.

Also on the list is Vin Diesel’s long-gestating Hannibal the Conqueror biopic as Vin Diesel revealed on his Facebook page that he’s had at least one meeting with Scott about the project and hinted at getting Denzel Washington to play Hannibal’s father Hamilcar.

Scott has more recently been linked with “Potzdamer Platz”, and the Fox 2000 drama “Hell’s Angels”. ‘Platz’ follows two soldiers in a New Jersey-based crime family who try to expand internationally, and Mickey Rourke is officially attached.

‘Angels’, about a young cop going undercover in a bike club, would use a Scott Frank script. Rourke and La Beouf are Scott’s choices to play the two lead roles.

Scott is expected to make a decision about his next project in coming weeks and filming would likely kick off early next year.