Tony Kaye To Direct “Honorable Men” Script

British director Tony Kaye (“American History X,” “Black Water Transit”) has been set to helm the independent crime drama “Honorable Men” for Life Entertainment and Film House.

The story is set in 1977 New York City when a retiring chief of police reaches out to the most powerful organized crime bosses. He strikes an accord to bring the Mafia and the police force into one organization, connected only at the top, to push back and reclaim the city maybe not under law but at least under order.

The film’s screenwriter Gary DeVore vanished under mysterious circumstances in 1997, his body was discovered a year later with his hands missing. His partial screenplay was discovered after his death with Clayton Hewitson and Patrick McErlean coming onboard to complete the final script for the film.

Sam Khoze, Justin Steele, Ryan R. Johnson and Patrick McErlean will produce.

Source: THR