Tony Gilroy Tackles “The Bourne Legacy”

Universal Pictures has ditched the two scripts it had in development for a fourth film in the Jason Bourne franchise says the trades.

Tony Gilroy, the acclaimed scribe who worked on all three previous films, has now been hired to write a completely new treatment for a fourth installment with the working title of “The Bourne Legacy”.

Despite the title it will not be based on Eric Van Lustbader’s book, the fourth novel in the series. The move is unsurprising though as the previous two sequels resembled their literary counterparts in name only.

The treatment will also not utilise any of the work from Josh Zetumer and George Nolfi’s two scripts for a fourth “Bourne” that Universal hired them to develop separately last year. Gilroy’s also penning a ‘Bourne Bible’, likely a detailed treatment of the character to serve as a guide for future screenwriters who wish to tackle him.

This also sounds like it will be a continuation rather than a prequel or reboot which has been previously hinted at. The studio seems to be pushing to get the film ready for a Summer 2012 release.

Frank Marshall, Pat Crowley, Jeffrey Weiner and Ben Smit will return to produce. The big question is whether “Bourne” star Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass will return which they didn’t seem that keen on at last report.