Toning Down “Hunger Games” For Teens

Filmmaker Gary Ross, the director of the upcoming “The Hunger Games” film adaptation and potential trilogy, tells Entertainment Weekly that he and Lionsgate are planning to make the movies teen friendly.

“It’s not going to be an R-rated movie because I want the 12- and 13- and 14-year-old-fans to be able to go see it. This book means too much to too many teenagers for it not to be PG-13. It’s their story and they deserve to be able to access it completely.” says Ross.

Suzanne Collins’ book series contains some pretty dark and brutal sequences nonetheless. How will they get around that? “I don’t need to have a huge prosthetic budget or make this movie incredibly bloody in order for it to be just as compelling, just as scary, and just as riveting. (It’s not) an overly graphic book. Even things like the Tracker Jacker sequence, while horrific, it’s the ideas that Suzanne has created that are so harrowing” adds Ross.