“Toni Erdmann” Director Talks U.S. Remake

German dramedy “Toni Erdmann” is the kind of blending of absurdist humor and pathos that Hollywood tries to make and often fails. Boasting a near three hour runtime, the film revolves around a practical joker of a father who tries to get his daughter, an all too work focused oil industry consultant, to loosen up.

The result has been a film that has topped many critics list, scored numerous accolades, and this week was revealed to be scoring an American remake. Speaking with Total Film (via Bild) about the remake, the original film’s director Maren Ade says another version of her movie won’t diminish her original:

“This would not affect the original, you can shorten the film and make a pure comedy out of [it]. But I would not be the one to do it. I am so happy that I finished the film. It took me five and a half years to write and to write.”

“Toni Erdmann” is now playing in limited release.