Tomorrowland, “Four” Top Summer Flops

With the Labor Day holiday weekend in full swing, we’ve officially reached the end of the Summer filmgoing season. That means it has been a time for a reflective look back at the season we’ve just had – one whose $4.36 billion domestic box office is up 7% from last year and is said to be pretty close to matching Summer 2011 for the second best on record (behind only 2013 with $4.77 billion).

So why couldn’t it quite clear that previous record? Mostly it seems to be due to a couple of high profile flops that sadly didn’t live up to expectation. A new report at THR talks about the five biggest flops of the Summer, with the top spot taken by a film you might not expect.

Disney, which has otherwise had a stellar year, had a rare misfire with Brad Bird’s “Tomorrowland”. The sci-fi tale has grossed around $208.4 million worldwide – not good for a film which cost a whopping $190 million. Combined with marketing costs and other deductions, the studio could well lose about $120-150 million on the film.

Coming in second was Josh Trank’s “Fantastic Four” reboot which has made $146.7 million so far on a $125 million budget. Losses for 20th Century Fox are looking to be around $80-100 million.

Third was Sony’s comedy “Pixels” starring Adam Sandler and Kevin James. Though it still has yet to open in parts of the world, the $186.4 million worldwide from a $90 million or so budget has loses pegged at around $75 million.

Fourth was latecomer “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” which has grossed $72.1 million thus far from a budget of over $75 million. Fifth was Cameron Crowe’s infamous rom-com flop “Aloha” which only made $26.2 million on a $37 million budget.