Tommy Lee Jones Not Sure Of MIB3 Plot

In an amusing interview with New York Magazine to promote HBO’s “The Sunset Limited”, Tommy Lee Jones had little to say about two big tentpoles of which he is a part.

Asked about the “Men in Black 3” shoot, Jones says he only has one week of filming left to do, and yet “I don’t really know what the plot line is. There are vast pieces of the script yet unwritten… I don’t want to say too much about the movie because I don’t know a lot and I would like for audiences to anticipate buying a ticket.” He does go on to add that the shoot itself was “a hell of a lot of fun.”

Sensing honest blood in the water, the interview went in for the kill and asked what is he doing (literally) in the “Captain America” movie. He responded “Yeah, I ask myself that same question every day! The character I play is the one you’ve seen in a thousand movies: the gruff, skeptical officer overseeing a team of talented, slightly sarcastic, specially talented soldiers.”

So he’s confounded by the Captain? “Not confounded, exactly. Skeptical. At first. And then convinced.”