Tomasz Kot To Play Tesla In “Nikola”

Tomasz Kot To Play Tesla In Nikola

“Cold War” star Tomasz Kot is set to play celebrated inventor and futurist Nikola Tesla in the biopic “Nikola” for Ingenious Media.

The story will focus on Serbian-American inventor Tesla’s last big experiment which was regarded as a failure at the time, but may, in fact, have been among his greatest triumphs.

It will look at his personal journey to achieve his scientific ambitions while risking financial security and battling his inner demons. Tesla was known for dozens of breakthroughs in the production and transmission of electric power in the late 19th and early 20th Century, and a forerunner of wireless communication.

David Bowie, Nicholas Hoult and Ethan Hawke have all played him in past films. “Leap Year” director Anand Tucker penned the script while Daria Jovicic will produce.

Source: Deadline