Tom Yum Goong Gets A 3D Sequel

2005’s Tony Jaa action film “Tom Yum Goong”, better known as “The Protector” in its international release in late 2006, is about to get a sequel in digital 3D from Thailand’s Sahamongkolfilm.

Screen Daily reports that the makers behind the original film and the “Ong Bak” series, including Jaa himself, are all set to re-team on this follow-up which aims to begin shooting in July.

Jaa will again play the lead role and “Raging Phoenix” actress Jija Yanin will join him in the project. Prachya Pinkaew will direct while Panna Rittikrai will serve as action choreographer.

The first film was partly shot in Australia, this one is expected to stick to Thailand and will be delivered early next year.