Tom Hardy, Shia La Beouf To Get Wet

John Hillcoat’s “The Promised Land”, a planned film adaptation of the depression-era Prohibition drama “The Wettest County In The World” that seemingly died a year ago, seems to have risen from the grave and managed to secure independent financing says The Los Angeles Times.

A Nick Cave-scripted adaptation of Matt Bondurant’s historical crime drama novel, the story is based on the author’s grandfather and two grand-uncles – three infamous brothers who made up a fierce criminal gang at the center of the American South’s moonshine trade.

The brothers eventually were shot in December 1930 after they refused to join the illegal cartel set up by the Commonwealth’s attorney Carter Lee, grandnephew of Robert E. Lee. Carter Lee subsequently was tried for conspiracy.

Several actors were previously attached including Shia LaBeouf and Ryan Gosling. LaBeouf is the only one who seemingly remains attached (Gosling is busy doing George Clooney’s “The Ides Of March”) and will be joined by “Inception” and “Bronson” star Tom Hardy. The pair will play two of the three brothers.

Hillcoat (“The Road,” “The Proposition”) recently departed the most recent project he had been attached to, the police drama “Triple Nine”. Shooting on ‘Land’ would kick off in the Spring, a full year after the previous attempt was scheduled to begin production.