Tom Hardy Set For Next “Batman”?

With filming of “Mad Max: Fury Road” pushed back at least 6-12 months, rising British actor Tom Hardy’s schedule has freed up and rumor has it he’s already scored a plum gig – the next “Batman” film according to Deadline.

Filmmaker Chris Nolan worked with Hardy on this Summer’s “Inception” and has apparently scored a lead role in Nolan’s planned third “Batman” outing which is aiming to start filming around Easter.

The role itself is being kept secret and may not be a villain as many suspect. Hardy, who is still attached to ‘Max’ and is expected to return to it when it does get rolling, is currently at work on the McG-directed comedy “This Means War” and will also have a role in the currently filming John le Carre adaptation “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy”.