Tom Hardy Says TV Is Now Where It’s At

More and more film actors are now singing the praises of TV as the medium of choice to produce new projects.

British actor Tom Hardy tells the publication Broadcast Now that TV productions are increasingly offering film talent the chance to develop more immersive shows and retain greater creative control over productions.

Even more than indie films? Yes, because the independent film sector is “taking a kick in the balls” due to narrow appeal and a lack of marketing budget, which results in a more controlling industry. Hardy says:

“Quality shows are being produced because of the ability to invest in characters for many seasons. As a creative, you get to spend more time with these characters and can push the envelope with scenes that may be left out of a film.

I would rather take that £18m budget and produce a TV series where an idea can fully flourish, rather than see it have to tick certain boxes and get cut into something it was never meant to be.”

The comments follows news of a first-look deal between NBC Universal and Hardy’s fledgling indie production company Hardy Son and Baker. The latter is currently co-producing BBC1’s upcoming period drama “Taboo”.

Hardy’s production company is also planning a long-running drama featuring revolving lead characters, thus enabling high-quality talent to sign up for a shorter and more flexible time periods.

Source: Screen