Tom Hardy Explains His Difficult Reputation

Tom Hardy is an intense and committed actor, and like several of this type (eg. Russell Crowe) it leads to whispers of him being a difficult actor to work with. Said issues during the making of “Mad Max: Fury Road” also became very public.

Hardy also has a much better reputation for being blunt and honest in interviews and will admit he’s not the easiest person to work with. He tells THR:

“There’s this myth, which is quite asinine, that circulates about me – usually by those who haven’t worked with me. There’s only one thing worse than being talked about and that’s not being talked about in this game so I’d rather it be that, I guess.

But there are other people who I work with consistently who know that’s not the case – who just wouldn’t risk having somebody like that in their midst because there’s too much at stake. Obviously you’re going to rub people the wrong way…and I’ve been a d–k. But then, who hasn’t?”

Hardy praises filmmaker Christopher Nolan, with whom he’s worked with multiple times including the upcoming “Dunkirk,” for being able to both have a vision and collaborate with others:

“It was great [shooting ‘Dunkirk’] but that’s because Chris is firing on all cylinders in every aspect. There’s a genuine feeling of security with him. He has his signature on absolutely everything and he is still open to best idea wins, which is a profoundly confident [place to be].

But I used to irritate other directors, I’m sure, before I had the opportunity to do ‘Taboo’ because I had that drive to be a bit more than just an actor. Not just because I want more meat in a hamburger or I want to be heard; it’s that I really care about problem-solving.

I can do the acting relatively easily at this point, so my energy is kind of, ‘Oh, how can we make it better? I want to help the team.’ But the team just wants you to ‘shut up because the team needs to think.’ (Laughs.) It’s like, ‘But I’m on the team! I want to help you think.’ ‘Just f–ing shut up, OK.’ So now I have that place where I can go.”

Hardy stars in, co-wrote and co-produced “Taboo” which debuts on FX on January 10th.

Source: THR