Tom Hardy As A Gay Rugby Player?

Now this is trading up.

Though he was developing the project, 59-year-old Mickey Rourke starring as now 37-year-old gay Welsh rugby icon Gareth Thomas in a biopic about the athlete seemed a downright strange choice.

Thankfully Rourke seems to have seen the light and has pulled out of the role, telling The Sun (via Towleroad) that he’s too old for the training – “The physical thing is harder than I thought. I’m just trying to get fit enough to do it.”

Now they’re reportedly considering other actors, Thomas saying “We’re now talking to other big-name actors who could play the part instead. We had talked about using computer-generated special effects with Mickey but we don’t think that will be as realistic, so it’s time to find someone new.”

Thomas also said that “Inception” and “The Dark Knight Rises” actor Tom Hardy is in talks for the part which will feature Thomas’ personal struggle when he came out as gay in 2009 – making him the world’s only then-current professional male athlete in a team sport who was openly gay.

The wrinkle to this story is that The Sun appears to have pulled the original article, could Hardy’s reps have shot down the casting talk?