Tom Felton Joins “Therese Raquin”

“Harry Potter” actor Tom Felton is in negotiations to join Glenn Close and Elizabeth Olsen in a new film adaptation of Emile Zola’s classic novel and stage play “Therese Raquin” reports Deadline.

Set in 1867 Paris, the story revolves around a young woman named Therese (Olsen) forced into an arranged marriage with her sickly first cousin Camille (Felton).

She soon begins a turbulent affair with Laurent, a friend of her husband, and the pair plot to murder Camille. They succeed, but the couple is soon haunted by the ghost of the dead husband – ultimately poisoning their love into a hatred of each other.

Close plays Madame Raquin, Therese’s aunt and Camille’s mother. Laurent and Madame Raquin’s friend Michaud have yet to be cast.

Charlie Stratton penned the adaptation and is directing the film which will take on the tone of a “dark and erotic thriller”. Shooting kicks off shortly.