Tom Cruise Feels The Thunder

Tom Cruise is tipped to be making a secret cameo as – wait for it – the head of a film studio in a new Ben Stiller comedy says The Hollywood Reporter.

“Tropic Thunder” already stars Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black, Justin Theroux and Jay Baruchel in a comedy about actors going through boot camp in the tropics to train for an upcoming war movie.

Unfortunately a rebellion breaks out on the island and they have to fight for real. Cruise’s role is said to be that of a “despotic studio head” who is no doubt in control of the film the actors are training for.

This means Cruise, who himself qualifies for the position as he heads up the new United Artists, may also get to poke fun at Paramount chief Sumner Redstone. Seeing as this is a Dreamworks project though (released through Paramount), don’t expect the barbs to be too sharp.