Toho’s “Godzilla 2016” Begins Production

Production is officially underway on “Godzilla 2016,” Toho’s new feature about the iconic fire-breathing monster and the first the company has made since 2004.

Toho has to yet to formally announce the start of shooting, but filming is definitely underway and the Japanese studio is currently targeting a Summer 2016 release.

Following the global success of the big budget Hollywood reboot of the property, original “Godzilla” film series producer Toho greenlit a new entry in the original Japanese film franchise.

“Evangelion” creator Hideaki Anno and “Attack on Titan” helmer Shinji Higuchi are co-directing the new film from a script by Anno. The film will use the same ‘hybrid’ technique of CG-enhanced practical actors that has been employed in the “Attack on Titan” films.

Toho needs a boost though as the first of the “Attack on Titan” films opened last month to bad reviews and underwhelming box-office.

Source: Variety