Toho Plans Shared “Godzilla” Universe

With the success of several recent “Godzilla” films by original production company Toho, talk has now begun regarding a linked Godzilla Cinematic Universe for the non-U.S. “Godzilla” films.

Talking to the Japanese outlet Nikkei Style, Toho exec Keiji Ota recently laid out plans for the franchise’s future and says (via a translated article) that after 2021, a potential strategy is to release “Godzilla” movies uninterrupted at a rate of at least every two years – potentially even annually:

“The future of the series and its forward development are very conscious of the method of ‘shared universe’. Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah, etc. could all share a single world much like a Marvel movie where Iron Man and the Hulk can crossover with each other. It is said that each movie can be a possible film production where any one of them could lead a film of their own as the titular character.”

Sadly that shared universe will NOT include a sequel to Hideaki Anno’s “Shin Godzilla” which scored strong acclaim in 2016.

Source: Godzilla Movies (via io9)