Todd Lasance Joins “The Flash” Season 3

It seems Keiynan Lonsdale won’t be the only Australian actor set to suit up as a speedster in the third season The CW’s “The Flash”.

New set photos from filming in Vancouver on the DC Comics-inspired superhero series have shown three actors dressed as speedsters. We already know about two – series star Grant Gustin as the dressed in red Barry Allen/The Flash, and recurring Keiynan Lonsdale as the dressed in gold Wally West/Kid Flash.

But a third mysterious new speedster that shares a resemblance to DC Comics’ Black Racer was spotted filming scenes. Photos taken during breaks from filming with the actor taking his mask off have revealed that it’s none other than Todd Lasance with HitScreen making the determination.

Lasance got his break on Aussie soap “Home and Away,” effectively stepping into the ‘blond pin-up hunk’ of the show after the departure of Chris Hemsworth in 2006. Since then the actor has gone on to an acclaimed turn as a young Julius Caesar on Starz’ “Spartacus” along with a more recent role on The CW’s “The Vampire Diaries”.

There hasn’t been any official announcement of Lasance’s involvement yet let alone costume photos. If he is playing the Black Racer it’s an interesting idea. In the comics, the character is an immortal avatar of Death who often hunts those affiliated with the Speed Force. Check out pics of a suited up Lonsdale and Lasance below: