Toby Kebbell Won’t Do Doctor Doom Again

Toby Kebbell has earned much respect for his work on screen in recent years, quite a bit of it going half-unseen such as his mo-cap performances in “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ” and “Warcraft”.

One notable flop he was in though was the failed “Fantastic Four” reboot in which he played Doctor Doom. The character is one of Marvel’s greatest and most complex villains, but his on screen portrayals to date have been widely lambasted.

Much of Kebbell’s performance in the role ended up on the cutting room floor following extensive reshoots to fix various behind the scenes issues. While producer Simon Kinberg has suggested a sequel could still happen, Kebbell says frankly “I won’t be in it” in an interview with HeyUGuys this week. He does however have good things to say about Doom as a character:

“Truth is, Doom is an incredible bad guy. They just keep trying to force him into the Fantastic Four. They just need to move it out because he smashes up Thor and Iron Man and they get wasted. Doom is a monster, but my Doom was not, so that is that.”

Asked if he’d probably be happy to come back if Marvel Studios somehow regained the rights to the team and villain, Kebbell seemed much more open to the idea: “Yeah, if they lend him out like a footballer. They do with Spider-Man.”