TNT’s “Librarians” Gets A Full Trailer

Following three TV movies over the past decade or so, TNT decided a while back to turn its “The Librarian” franchise into a regular TV series. Now the results can be seen in a new full-length trailer for “The Librarians” released today by the network.

While Noah Wyle led the charge in the telemovies, here he takes a back seat and will pop in and out in a recurring role as the enigmatic supervisor of a new group of characters who will take on the task of looking for artifacts with mythical powers around the globe.

Said new faces include the likes of Rebecca Romijn (“X-Men”), Emmy winning comedian John Laroquette, Christian Kane (“Angel”), Lindy Booth (“Dawn of the Dead”) and Australian soap star John Kim. Look out for a Bruce Campbell cameo too in the trailer, whilst the likes of Bob Newhart and Jane Curtin will pop up in the show.

While the Wyle telemovies were “Indiana Jones” knock-offs, the trailer here seems to suggest something very much akin to Syfy’s cancelled “Warehouse 13” with Wyle essentially serving as CCH Pounder’s Mrs. Frederic, Laroquette as Saul Rubinek’s Artie, Romijn and Kane as the main agents with bristling romantic tension, and Booth and Kim as the sassy sidekicks.

Dean Devlin (“Independence Day,” “Stargate”) is executive producer on the show which premieres on December 7th.