“Titans” TV Series To Include Trigon

A recently leaked casting call appears to reveal that Trigon is coming to DC’s live-action “Titans” TV series.

An adaptation of the “Teen Titans” comics, the series sees Brenton Thwaites’ Robin breaking away from Batman and leading a team of relatively young superheroes including Hawk, Dove, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven.

In the comics, Raven is the daughter of a human mother and a powerful demon Trigon and while integral in the comics, chances of his appearance in the small screen version seemed slim.

Now though, Titans Podcast reports the production is looking for a recurring character named Evan Logue whose description matches Trigon – male, late 30s-40s, Caucasian. Charismatic. A cult leader attempting to reunite his family and a central role for series finale.

“Titans” will serve as the flagship program of their digital service set to launch sometime in 2018.