“Titans” Series To Feature Hawk & Dove

Earlier this week came the news that actor Brenton Thwaites had been cast as Dick Grayson in the upcoming “Titans” TV series.

It’s not immediately clear if he’s playing a post-Batman Robin or Nightwing incarnation of the character, the press release and statements made about the casting have very carefully avoided saying which one.

Now That Hashtag Show is reporting that the characters of Hawk, Dove and Detective Amy Rohrbach will also be joining the series in recurring roles with potential series regular options.

Hawk and Dove are a pair of crime-fighting vigilantes who have gone through several different incarnations over the years in the comics. Alan Ritchson (“Smallville”) and Rebecca Rittenhouse (“The Mindy Project”) are both reportedly under consideration for those parts.

With Rohrbach involved though, it looks like the 1990s Nightwing comics in which he was a member of the corrupt Bludhavan PD may well come into play. Rohrbach is one of the few clean cops working in Bludhaven who become Nightwing’s trusted ally.