Titans Sequel To Be Better Says Worthington

Along with that smile, Sam Worthington’s other most admirable trait is his blunt honesty. You thought the “Clash of the Titans” remake wasn’t up to scratch and neither was his performance in it? Seems he agrees with you.

Speaking from the set of “Man on a Ledge”, Worthington tells Movieline that one of the big reasons for doing the planned “Wrath of the Titans” sequel is that “I just think we can improve on it. I think the first one, we kind of let down some people. And yeah, I totally agree. The only point of doing a sequel is either the audience demands it or you believe you can better the first one. What we’re setting out to do with this one — the writers and the director and myself — is improve.”

He’s also humble about his own work in the film – “I think I can act f*cking better, to be honest … Just take all the notes from people that I have been reading about on the ‘net and give them a movie they f*cking want. This one I want to kind of try to satisfy a lot more people. I’ve always said you make movies for an audience, that’s who you make movies for. If the audience is speaking, it’s like the old gladiator thing, they give us the thumbs up/thumbs down, you want to stay alive in that coliseum as long as you can.”