“Titans” Reveals Doom Patrol, Casts Batman?

Titans Reveals Doom Patrol Casts Batman

With the launch of “Titans” on the DC Universe streaming service a few weeks back, the series has teased Batman’s involvement briefly on screen – including Bruce Wayne from the back. This would seem to suggest the character will eventually score a full reveal on screen.

Today Screen Rant has published a report indicating that “Iron Fist” and “Deadpool 2” actor Lewis Tan is the one in those “Titans” scenes including when Wayne witnessed a young Dick Grayson learning his parents were murdered. Whether we’ll see him properly wearing the suit and interacting with Robin and his team is unclear.

Born to Singaporean and British parents, Tan has been training in martial arts from a young age and performs his own stunts so certainly has the experience for the part. Speaking of “Titans,” some of the characters from the upcoming spin-off series “Doom Patrol” are set to make their debut on this show first in the next episode and you can see a new promo and stills from it below.

“Doom Patrol” will be the next original series to launch on the service, followed by “Swamp Thing” with the latter casting former “The Walking Dead” actress Jeryl Prescott in the role of Madame Xanadu this week.