Tintin Starts Making Big Bucks Overseas

While we won’t know how Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg’s “The Adventures of Tintin” will perform in the United States until Christmas, the already well-reviewed film has begun to open in the international markets where the property is best known and the results have already been strong.

‘Tintin’ pulled in $55.8 million from its bow in just 19 markets says Thompson on Hollywood. In France it scored $21.5 million, the biggest opening ever for an original Hollywood film and the second biggest for the year behind “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two”. That opening number is 80% bigger than the last “Indiana Jones” film and 41% bigger than “Spider-Man”.

In the UK it opened first with $10.7 million, almost triple that of “The Smurfs” and over double that of the first “Sherlock Holmes”. In both Spain and Germany the film opened slightly ahead of “Toy Story 3” and considerably ahead of “Iron Man 2”. In its home country of Belgium it scored $2.1 million – five times the opening of “Toy Story 3” and four times the opening of “Sherlock Holmes”. In Switzerland and Denmark it more than doubled “The Smurfs”.

The film will roll out across much of Asia and South America over the next two weeks before hitting North America, Australia and Hong Kong around Christmas.