Tintin Sequel Is Jackson’s Post-Hobbit Film

As has long been discussed, if “The Adventures of Tintin” is a success, filmmakers Steve Spielberg and Peter Jackson very much intend to continue with at least one and possibly two more adaptations of Herge’s graphic novel series.

While Spielberg helmed the first film, it’s always been pretty clear that Jackson would take charge of the second. With his commitments to “The Hobbit” though, there’s been a question as to when would that be.

Now Jackson has confirmed to Playlist) that he’ll direct the project once he’s finished his commitments to “The Hobbit”.

Reviews for the first “Tintin” have been very strong and with the film hitting theaters across Europe over the next few weeks, Paramount is already confident enough that the second film is ready to go should the green light be given.

“[Sony and Paramount] were willing to do one movie with us and then give us the financial werewithal to develop a script, do all the visual storyboards and get it really in launch position. So we can launch pretty quickly on a second movie. The script is already written” says Spielberg.

Anthony Horowitz was reportedly hired to adapt the stories “The Seven Crystal Balls” and “Prisoners of the Sun” for the second film last Fall. Yet when I spoke to Jackson back in August he says while that is the story in mind, he “wants to have the freedom to change his mind again”.

The actual main shoot of “Tintin” only took five weeks and was followed by a long post-production schedule during which time Spielberg was able to go off and do “War Horse”. Jackson could well shoot the actor elements of his ‘Tintin’ during post-production on ‘The Hobbit’ films meaning we could see the next one in theatres as early as late 2014.

As for who would direct the third film, Spielberg admits “we haven’t talked about that.” Nor is there any discussion as to which books to adapt though at this point the best guess remains the “Destination Moon” and “Explorers on the Moon” two-parter.