Tintin Photos, Spielberg/Jackson Talk

Empire has now fully released the first photos from “The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn” along with posting some excerpts from their upcoming interview with director Steven Spielberg and producer Peter Jackson.

Asked about opting for mo-cap animation over live-action, Jackson says “With live action… you’d be casting people to look like them. it’s not really going to feel like the Tintin Herge drew… With CGI we can bring Herge’s world to life, keep the stylised caricatured faces, keep everything looking like Herge’s artwork, but make it photo-real.”

The first act of the film is likely where the biggest changes from the two books will occur, of those Spielberg says “The first part of the film, which is the most mysterious part, certainly owes much to not only film noir but the whole German Brechtian theatre – some of our night scenes and our action scenes are very contrasty. But at the same time the movie is a hell of an adventure.”

As expected, Jackson is looking into “The Seven Crystal Balls” & “Prisoners of the Sun” two-part story as the sequel, but he’s also considered some of the other one-shots – “I also really like the Eastern European ones, the Balkan ones like ‘King Ottokar’s Sceptre’ and ‘The Calculus Affair’. I think it’s a terrific setting for a thriller, the weird Balkan politics and the mysterious secret service agents. I think the ‘Moon’ ones are terrific, but they’d be good for the third or fourth Tintin film, if we get that far. We want to keep his feet on the ground just a little bit longer.”

Here’s a look at the photos themselves and to be honest, the faces have a bit of that ‘uncanny valley’ effect going on much like the various Robert Zemeckis-directed stuff. The real test though will be seeing this stuff in motion.