Tinker, Tailor Sequel Still In The Works

Almost a year after we last heard anything about it, producer Eric Fellner says that the film adaptation of John le Carre’s “Smiley’s People” is still in the works. The film will serve as the sequel to last year’s acclaimed “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.”

Fellner says: “We are working on another one. [Producer] Tim Bevan is putting it together as we speak with [screenwriter] Peter Straughan and [director] Tomas Alfredson, so yes it’s in development. ‘Tinker’ did unbelievably well and it didn’t cost hardly anything… But things take time. Tim is passionate about making sure we do another one.”

Le Carre wrote eight books with the George Smiley character, and ‘Tinker’ was the first of what’s dubbed ‘The Karla Trilogy’. Smiley plays only a small role in the next book, the mostly South East-Asian set “The Honourable Schoolboy”. That book is almost standalone, aside from a few scenes dealing with the fallout of events in ‘Tinker’.

The filmmakers are instead looking to directly adapt the third novel “Smiley’s People,” an adaptation that will also incorporate said key scenes from ‘Schoolboy’. In ‘People’, Smiley is called out from retirement for the last time to investigate the death of one of his old agents, a former Soviet General and the titular head of an Estonian emigration organisation based in London.

Smiley learns the General had discovered information which leads to a final confrontation with Smiley’s nemesis, the Soviet spy-master Karla.

Source: Collider