Time Travel Is Coming To “The Flash”

Barry Allen’s powers on The CW’s “The Flash” have been kept primarily to speed-related shenanigans so far, even though the comics incarnation of the character is capable of using his powers for a few more tricks.

Now, executive producer Greg Berlanti says that we’ll soon start seeing more of his skill set in upcoming episodes including the big one that has been a feature in the comics for years – time travel. Berlanti tells TV Line:

“That [time travel] is the one that we deal with directly in the winter. We, obviously, hint at it from the pilot episode. That is a big – ‘theme’ is the wrong word for it – but that is a big part of the DNA of who The Flash was, so we do deal with that.”

Berlanti adds that a bunch of Barry’s other abilities will also be explored, such as his ability to vibrate his molecules so fast he can phase through solid walls:

“Oh, he has tons [of abilities]. Definitely. We’re holding back on some big ones still. He famously can phase through things. We haven’t seen him do that yet.”