Time Of The Doctor Scores Big UK Ratings

“The Time Of The Doctor,” the BBC’s “Doctor Who” Christmas special, was both the most-watched drama and the second most-watched program in Britain yesterday.

8.29 million Brits tuned in, a 30.7% share, with a peak of 10.2 million viewers during the final minutes of the broadcast which saw Matt Smith’s regeneration into Peter Capaldi as the new incarnation of The Doctor. That’s also up on last year’s Xmas special when 7.59 million people tuned in.

While reviews for the 50th anniversary special last month were almost all gushing, reviews for this episode have been mixed. Performances were unanimously praised, but the pacing and script came under fire.

Having left many plot threads lingering for years, showrunner Steven Moffat managed to deal with almost all of them using a couple of throwaway lines to varying degrees of satisfaction. The famed ‘twelve regeneration’ rule became a central part of the episode, but its solution was criticised for being something of a cop out.

Now though comes the long wait and a soft reset. The new Doctor is in and filming on the new episodes begins next month ahead of a debut next Fall. Could the two things sadly lacking from the most recent seasons – some two-parters, and full uninterrupted thirteen episode run – finally return?