Timberlake Is Niccol’s “I’m.mortal”

Justin Timberlake has been offered the male lead role in Andrew Niccol’s latest sci-fi feature “I’m.mortal” for 20th Century Fox, New Regency and Strike Entertainment says Deadline.

The story is set in a society where people engineered to stop ageing at 25-years-old and time has become the currency of the realm. The wealthy are practically immortal while the majority of the populous struggles to bank what extra time they can.

Timberlake would play a ghetto rebel wrongly accused of murder who is forced to go into hiding with a beautiful and rich hostage (Amanda Seyfried). They soon begin a steamy romance.

Niccol (“Gattaca,” “S1m0ne”) directs from a script he wrote and hopes to begin production before the year ends. Eric Newman and Marc Abraham will produce.