“Thrones” Stars Suggest Backlash Media-Led

Thrones Stars Suggest Backlash Media Led

With the series showrunners having pulled out, this year’s final panel for HBO’s “Game of Thrones” boasted several of the most well-regarded actors on the series answering questions that looked back at the show which finished up on screens in May.

Of course, the show’s final six-episode season has since gone down in infamy, a once widely beloved series became the subject of major criticism online for the way it handled almost everything in its last season including rushed pacing, character development decisions, and where it all ended up.

So questions regarding the backlash were inevitable at the presentation, and the actors addressed it with words that have also drawn the own ire. Conleth Hill, who plays spymaster Varys on the series, joked he didn’t regret starting the petition to remake the final season. However, he followed that up with a line that is drawing its own backlash: “You look at the amount of people that are here… we’re very grateful for your fandom over the years and I think this is the reality rather than a media-led hate campaign.”

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jamie Lannister, joked “Of course HBO are going to change the whole thing, that’s the power of the internet” and then added: “When it comes to the end it’s gonna piss you off no matter what because it’s the end. If you hated the ending, if you loved the ending, that’s great, just don’t call people names. I thought it was perfect for him [Jamie] to end [*spoiler removed*], it made sense to me, that’s just my opinion.”

The blaming of the media for championing the negativity has met with its own backlash online, saying it dismisses legitimate criticism by the fanbase as to how those final episodes were handled.

Source: Variety