“Thrones” Showrunners Won’t Do A Prequel Series

With HBO’s big-budget fantasy series “Game of Thrones” taking the top award of Outstanding Drama Series at the Emmys last night, and breaking a major record in the process, the saga heads into its upcoming penultimate seventh season ready for battle.

However, HBO’s critical and ratings cash cow is set to wrap up in 2018 with those involved moving on. Is the network really going to say goodbye to Westeros or will it do an AMC-style prequel spin-off series (ala “Better Call Saul,” “Fear the Walking Dead”)?

Speaking at the Emmys, creator George R.R. Martin says that while there’s nothing planned at the moment he has plenty of material that HBO could use should the move forward with one. He tells Deadline:

“I do have thousands of pages of fake history of everything that led up to Game of Thrones, so there’s a lot of material there and I’m writing more… at the moment we still have this show to finish and I still have two books to finish so [a prequel series] is all speculation.”

If it does go forward, showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have opted out. Also speaking at the Emmys, Benioff tells TV Line:

“You might want to ask George about that. It’s a great world that George created. It’s a very rich world. I’m sure there will be other series set in Westeros. But for us, this is it.”

Benioff and Weiss write nearly every episode themselves and also are on set throughout production which runs effectively year round to meet the quality demands of the episodes, meaning the pair running it have not had a break in a very long time.