Thrones Season 4 Finale Ratings Are In

HBO’s fourth season finale of “Game of Thrones” drew 7.1 million viewers last night for its 9PM airing.

That’s 32% up from the 5.4 million who saw the Season 3 finale last year and up from the 6.6 million who tuned in for the Season 4 premiere back in April.

It’s just shy of the show’s best number though which was 7.2 million viewers for the fifth episode of this season, over two plays last night the finale pulled in 9.3 million viewers in total.

The finale has been talked about a lot online. While previous ‘Thrones’ finales served as essentially clean-up for the previous week’s big-event ninth episode, this one ended up having much more significance and than last week’s giant battle.

No storyline was left unaffected, quite a few who return will be occupying very different environments and/or interacting with different characters than before. The episode not only closed off chapters, it essentially setup some major new ones for next year as well.

As to what that fifth season entails, the producers are remaining very coy about it and not giving away anything. Currently in pre-production in Belfast ahead of filming commencing next month, showrunner David Benioff tells The Live Feed: “We’re still figuring out how we can afford everything we want to do. There are a few sequences that are absolutely terrifying from a production standpoint.”

The fourth season has averaged a record breaking 18.6 million viewers per episode, up 29% from the 14.4 million for the third season.