Thrones Piracy “Better Than An Emmy”

In a quote that’s going to go down in infamy quickly, Time Warner Inc. chief Jeff Bewkes has spoken about the massive internet piracy that takes place after broadcasts of HBO’s “Game of Thrones”.

Speaking during the company’s second-quarter earnings call, he touched upon the topic that several studies have shown that the big-budget fantasy series is by far the most-pirated TV show around the world.

His response? “That’s better than an Emmy”. He adds that “we’ve been dealing with this issue [stolen HBO content] for literally 20-30 years” and cited the days when there were “running wires down the back of apartment buildings.”

He adds that “our experience is, it all leads to more subs, we let the programming and reviews talk for us.” The upside of this? Their advertising spend is actually fairly tight.

Source: Variety