“Thrones” Lenser Clarifies “Long Night” Remarks

Thrones Lenser Clarifies Long Night Remarks

Cinematographer Fabian Wagner has further clarified remarks he made about his work filming “The Long Night,” the Battle of Winterfell episode of “Game of Thrones” which came under heavy fire for being murky and too difficult to see.

HBO aired the episode in April and viewer reaction was immediate – complaining the visuals were far too dark due to poor lighting and compression issues with HBO’s streaming feed. Going in the episode was tipped to be a game-changer that would serve as a pinnacle of the series, instead it began the wave of backlash against the final season in earnest.

Wagner defended his work with various explanations which were poorly received on social media. In a more recent interview with ComicBook Debate (via Screen Rant) however, he says he now understands why his initial comments may have been perceived as too brash – even though he stands by them.

“Some of it was pretty nasty… pretty eye-opening, really” he says of the backlash and adds “we didn’t shoot it too dark” but subsequent re-watches on numerous devices showed him what he “needed to see” to understand the issues people had.

He remains in the firm belief the episode needs to be watched in the ‘right environment’ (ie. in the dark) and concedes streaming compression issues could be a ‘big problem’ for viewers but adds that some simply don’t understand how to tune their television settings.