“Thrones” Finale Water Gaffe & Reactions

Thrones Finale Water Gaffe Reactions

Considering the outright outrage over the previous three episodes, social media reaction to last night’s season finale of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” was surprisingly sedate.

Yes it still polarised people, but there was enough love and appreciation being thrown around to bring the feedback up to ‘mixed’ for the way the series wrapped up its arcs and finished up the power struggle for the Iron Throne. Reviews for the episode on numerous blogs were also more flattering – even if almost all pointed out yet again how rushed this and last season have been overall.

The episode also sparked numerous memes, from the discovery of yet another anachronism – in this episode’s case a modern-day water bottle where it shouldn’t be besides Samwell Tarly (John Bradley) whilst sitting in a chair – along with moments of the episode such as Brienne’s journal writing scene.

The episode hit as the Change.org petition launched two weeks ago asking to ‘remake’ the entire last season has reached a pretty astonishing 1.22 million signatures as of writing. Even the petition’s organiser says in an update he believes it will have no impact, but rather hopes it will send a message about fan disappointment.

Source: TV Line