“Thrones” Breaks A Battle Sequence Record

Though the final season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” is still a year away from airing, production on those episodes have been underway since October and running through until late 2018.

In a new, and now deleted, Instagram post by assistant director Jonathan Quinlan, it has been revealed this season will top the sixth and seventh in terms of the scale of one of its major battles. Watchers on the Wall still has a copy of the post.

The post was a photo of a thank you not from the producers to crew members for filming a massive sequence – one that ran 55 consecutive nights and across three locations. It adds the audience will get to watch “something that’s never been done before”.

That’s around twice the amount of time it took them to shoot both the Battle of the Bastards and last year’s Loot Train ambush sequence – those taking about a month to shoot.

The final season will run just six episodes, but each is expected to be close to feature length.