“Thrones” ‘Aftermath’ Trailer Teases S8 Battle

Thrones Aftermath Trailer Teases S8 Battle

Following two TV spots this morning which were mostly cut from the previous full trailer, HBO released a seventy-second special teaser titled ‘Aftermath’ which seems to hint at a potential death of a series regular.

The clip appears to show an abandoned, snow-covered Winterfell – one that seems to have been the site of a deadly battle. In addition, Jon Snow’s sword can be seen buried in the snow in a pile with drops of blood while the Night King walks into the castle grounds alone.

The Battle for Winterfell is expected to run for the entire feature-length third episode of the upcoming six-episode season. With the show returning in just under two weeks, we’ll have our answers soon. The final outing of “Game of Thrones” begins April 14th.