Thrifty, Zombie, Man’s, Cowboy, Play Adapted

New Line and producer Beau Flynn (“San Andreas”) are developing a film adaptation of Jonathan Stokes’ upcoming book series “The Thrifty Time Traveler’s Guide”.

The story follows a future time-travel agency which puts together affordable vacation packages to history’s biggest events. The first books will span Ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages and WWII.

Meanwhile, Michael J. Roth and Steve Longi have acquired feature film and TV rights to the Off Broadway musical-comedy “Zombie Prom”. Vince Marcello and Mark Landry will pen and Marcello will helm the feature film adaptation.

The musical-comedy homage to the musicals and films of the 1950s tells the story of a forbidden romance between the rebellious bad boy Jonny and the good girl Toffee. After falling into a nuclear reactor, Jonny returns to his love as a zombie.

Next up, Fuego Films is teaming with Emmy-winning journalist Giselle Fernandez and have hired Adam Gibgot to pen the script for a film adaptation of Viktor Frankl’s groundbreaking Holocaust memoir “Man’s Search For Meaning”.

Frankl, a psychotherapist and contemporary of Sigmund Freud, developed his skills in an impossible setting. He was among those sent to the concentration camps by the Nazis, and he used his therapeutic skills to inspire prisoners to fight for their survival by finding meaning in their suffering.

Then, Mad Riot Entertainment has acquired rights to Stephan Talty’s non-fiction book “Operation Cowboy”. Paul Russell Smith has penned the adaptation while Mark Canton and Lawrence Smith will produce.

The story takes place during the final days of WW2 when a band of American soldiers went behind enemy lines and teamed with a group of Nazi officers to rescue 500 rare Lippizaner horses captured by Adolf Hitler to create a master equine race.

Finally, Curacaoan author Frank Martinus Arion’s internationally acclaimed Dutch-language novel “Double Play” is being adapted into a feature film by Ernest Dickerson (“The Wire”). Dickerson will work from a script by Evan Jones and Alaric Alexander Smeets, with Lisa Cortes and music and film festival organizer Gregory Elias producing.

The 1970s-set novel evokes themes of colonial unrest on the Caribbean island of Curacao during the transition from Dutch colonial rule to self-governance. Over the course of a day long game of dominoes, the fates of four men are revealed

Source: Variety