Three Stooges Resurrected, Sets Date

Earlier this month Jim Carrey confirmed he was out of the Farrelly’s long-gestating “Three Stooges” project and thought it was essentially dead due to MGM’s financial woes. Well this is Hollywood where nothing ever truly dies, especially films that have been languishing in development for a decade.

Risky Biz Blog reports that 20th Century Fox is taking over the project and is in the final stages of deals to take control of the property. Bobby and Peter Farrelly are still attached to direct a script they wrote with Mike Cerrone that is said to be “ready to go”.

The stars involved however aren’t making the transition, namely Carrey and Sean Penn are out. Whether Benicio del Toro will still play Moe though is unsure but it’s likely the casting slate will be wiped clean and start afresh. One addition though is Richard Jenkins who’ll play a nun.

Things are moving fast as not only does the project finally have the green light, but a March 14th 2011 start of shooting date has already been announced with shooting to likely take place around Atlanta. As previously reported the likely PG-rated film will consist of three 27-minute segments full of the non-stop physical comedy that is the trademark of the Stooges franchise.